Thursday, August 22, 2013

Riley’s Secret (A Moon’s Glow Novel) by Christina Smith


The young man stood in the open meadow under the full moon’s glow. His clothes were folded neatly on an oversized tree stump. He knew what would happen when the moon shone freely, but tonight the reluctant monster welcomed the change. Normally, he avoided the call of his wild side at all costs. However, every excruciating pain, pull, and tearing of his limbs was worth it, because it would bring him closer to her.

When the transformation was complete, all signs of the young man had disappeared, and only a majestic wolf remained. He tipped his head up to face the moon and let out a chilling howl, which stopped suddenly as one thought entered the wolf’s mind. It was his only one as he raced through the woodland, jumping over brush, undergrowth, and overturned logs. He revelled in the speed and strength he felt in his limbs, allowing himself to enjoy the run. He scented a rabbit, a squirrel, and even a deer. He was not concerned with food at the moment; that would come later. His need was overpowering, taking away all other thoughts.

His paws thundered over the well-worn trail. This was not the first night he had taken the journey. The trail was miles long, but with his obsessed mind, he made it to his destination in no time. Finally, he broke through the trees and emerged onto a manicured lawn. He wasn’t concerned about being discovered: his mind was too far gone to be cautious.

The grey stone mansion stood above him, towering on the crest of a hill. He raced up to it, his paws digging into the abundant grass, taking his usual position next to a cedar bush. The smell of the flowers from the garden whirled around him, momentarily mixing with the only scent that mattered. Once he caught it, he followed it to the glass patio door. Cream-colored curtains were parted in the center, and he peered through, knowing what he would see. His heart raced with anticipation.

There she was, lying in her bed, her pale blue duvet pulled up to her neck, her fiery locks cascading over the soft, feathery pillow. The wolf yearned to touch the silky strands, knowing they would feel so soft in his hands, but the man inside knew it could never happen.

Riley's Secret

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Genre - Young Adult/Fantasy/Romance

Rating – PG13

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