Saturday, August 31, 2013

Excerpt: The Benjamin Chronicles: Relativity by Matthew DiConti

“Got into a bit of an accident in the storm. Nothing major. No one was hurt. I’m fine. Tree’s still standing. Just shook me up a little.”

“I would imagine so. Are you sure you’re all right? You should get to a hospital.”

Conal sucked in a breath of air and exhaled slowly. Edie meant well. He knew that. But this was the last thing he needed right now.

“Nah, no need for that. I’m fine. Just need a hot shower and a good night’s rest.”

Edie looked unconvinced.

“Well, if you say so. If I can’t get you to go to the hospital, I’ll come by tomorrow morning and check on you, make sure you’re all right. There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, anyway.”

Conal preferred that she never come by. Edie was a nice enough old lady, but he wanted to be left alone. Maybe that made him cold, but he was averse to entertaining lonely old ladies. The only people he had time for was himself and the ghost of Abby. Still, what was he supposed to say? She was almost 90. She had probably been looking forward to this all day.

Cue the guilt. Why can’t you be more sociable? This is probably what you need. A visit from another human being will probably do you good.

Conal sighed with resignation. The sad thing was, that part was probably right.

“Sure, Edie. Tomorrow morning’s fine.”


Conal Benjamin never let the love of his life Abigail Bradley know of his romantic feelings for her. Years of living with that regret haunted Conals life and left him with an emptiness in his heart. In one serendipitous moment they are reunited at an alumni science exhibit giving Conal a second chance but in a cruel twist of fate Conal’s triggers an unexpected chain of events sending Abby and himself through a wormhole to 1888 Whitechapel, London, the time and place of one of the most horrifying serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper. With the time machine lost and Conal and Abby separated, the fate of both of their lives hang in the balance. Nothing is what it appears to be and it’s up to Conal to unravel the mysteries that await him, before it’s too late.

“I could not put this cleverly crafted paranormal fiction novel down. I can’t wait to go on the next time travel journey with Benjamin! It would make for a great TV Series/Feature Film. Out of 5 stars I give it 6!”   - Kelly V. Dolan, NBC News Radio

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Genre - Paranormal Fiction

Rating – NC17

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