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Excerpt: Agushaya (Priestess of Nergal) by Zarug Thane

Chapter 1

As befitted a servant of Nergal, Lord of the Underworld, Agushaya took mortal form as the western sky faded from deep purple to full black.  Though she knew what it meant to have a body, her true form was that of a sexless mihpares, the underworld’s dark analog of a seraphim.  Tonight, she had been granted a mortal avatar, that of a human female.  In place of claws she had fingers, in place of cloven hooves, feet.  Her black wings were gone as well, the small hills of her breasts unlikely replacements for the power and freedom of flight.

The darkness that surrounded Agushaya had an unnatural quality, one she had the power to overcome.  A search revealed the curtains that would show her the universe.  Through an act of will, her eyelids rose, and Agushaya felt her soul settle fully into her new body.  A shiver passed through her, and her tangled senses separated as, at the creation, light had separated from gravity.

Looking up, Agushaya saw the two moons of Earth.  The large one, pale white and pocked with craters, the mortals called Matron.  The small one, smooth and unblemished, its form a swirl of pink and blue, was Twink.   Tonight, both were full, arranged with the smaller moon trailing the larger, a conjunction known as Confusion.  When Twink caught Matron, the conjunction was called Revelation.  And when Twink pulled ahead, Flight.

The empty space around Agushaya had substance, pressing warm upon her, tickling her nostrils as her chest rose and fell. 

Lifting her head, Agushaya began to fall.  Was Nergal recalling her so soon?  It seemed impossible that she had displeased him already.  But she wasn’t falling.  This was the effect gravity had on her new body.  The ground held her up, making her take notice of her shoulder blades, buttocks, calves, and heels.

Looking down at her body, Agushaya saw a long stretch of alabaster white skin interrupted by the pink spires of her nipples and a patch of black hair that marked the spot where her legs joined her torso.

Gaining control over her new shell, Agushaya wiggled her toes then bent her knees, pleased at the sensations that came to her, the tickle of grass under her feet, the flex of her muscular thighs, the shifting of her haunches.

Hands raised, Agushaya flexed her fingers, then touched her face, feeling at her lips, nose, and chin.  Her tongue snaked out to wet her lips, and Agushaya smiled.  The mortal form pleased her.

Agushaya touched her breasts next, palms sliding over her nipples, the strange rush of sensation startling her.  Not only had she felt the touch in her breasts, but it had also reached between her legs.

Of course, Agushaya knew of mating rituals, though she understood them only vaguely, they had always been so alien and hypothetical.

In her moral form, she was expected to spread the fame of Nergal, most likely by aiding those in need and performing acts of heroism.  As well, Agushaya’s time on Earth would better prepare her for the Final Battle, which took place every few hundred years whenever the stars came into alignment.  Understanding the ways of mortals would make her a better general in her Lord’s service.

Given her assignment, the sensitivity of her breasts made no sense.

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