Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Eyes of Love by Angelina Rose


Colin Dean stood in the window of his bedroom and stared at the north Georgia landscape. Summer time was one of his favorite seasons in the mountains with the lush green mountains and the numerous outdoor activities that were to be had. Ziplining, fishing and rafting were three of his favorites, but this summer would be different. He had too much on his mind to worry about fun.

After ten years of marriage to his high school sweetheart, life was different now. She was gone, and they were officially divorced. He guessed he should be thankful there were no kids involved in their split, but it didn't make it hurt any less. How could she have cheated on him? And with his best friend from childhood? What kind of a wife did that? Of course, he didn't understand why his friend would do it either.

His marriage to Stephanie had been viewed as the perfect romance to everyone around them, and for awhile that was true. They'd met at fiftteen, went to college together and married when they were twenty-two years old. Infertility had plagued Stephanie, the former homecoming queen of their high school. She was devastated and embarrassed as every friend around her got pregnant, but she couldn't. The infertility doctor had insisted that Colin was fertile, but they could never find the source of Stephanie's infertility issue. It took a huge toll on their marriage, and he noticed her pulling further and further away. When he suggested adoption, she'd looked at him in disgust as if adopting someone else's child was beneath her in some way.

Their divorce came on the heels of Colin finding her in bed with Jazz, his best friend from as far back as he could remember. He and Jazz, whose real name was Jason, had met in middle school and remained friends. When Colin was supposed to be on a business trip, he came home early to surprise Stephanie since she'd had yet another negative pregnancy test and he wanted to be there to comfort her. Instead, he found her naked and on top of Jazz. It was the worst day of his life thus far, and he didn't remember much that happened for the next few minutes after finding them. When all was said and done, Jazz had a broken nose.

Holding the final divorce papers in his hands, he looked across the mountains and wondered what the future held for him. He was basically starting over again. No wife, no kids, no real plan. Should he stay in Mill Creek Crossing?

He owned his own real estate business, so he really could go anywhere he wanted. He didn't have to stay there with the memories of what went wrong in his life, but he couldn't imagine leaving his home town. It was hard some days to see Stephanie and Jazz walking arm-in-arm around the town square, but he tried to block it from his mind. Losing his wife and his best friend in one swoop was painful, but he wasn't going to let them beat him.

He sighed as he sat down at his laptop to finalize some of his real estate paperwork. A new email popped up, so he decided to take a break and check it. It was from Tori Lance, the president of their high school class. The fifteen-year reunion. He'd almost forgotten it was coming up. If he didn't go, Stephanie and Jazz would certainly win. He had to go, no matter what. And he had to find a date. There was no way he was going alone and looking like a fool.


The Eyes of Love

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