Monday, August 12, 2013

Guardians Inc.: The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain

Pervagus Mansion

Finding the two columns wasn’t hard at all. They both wondered how they had missed them before. They were right there — two brick columns between two houses marking the entrance to Pervagus Road. The brick wall extended to where the road opened up after the properties in front.

The wall was topped with black cast iron, and small stone gargoyles sat on top of each column. The road ended at a large iron fence and they could see a huge brick mansion beyond.   

Thomas felt like he was in front of a postcard taken from an old European castle. The stone gargoyles sitting on the columns by the fence were huge and looked ready to pounce down from their posts should the need arise.

The mansion looked like those Thomas had seen on T.V. or in movies. It belonged in old countries like England or France, not in Carlsbad, California, and especially not just two blocks away from his house, on streets he skateboarded through almost every day.

“Ready?” His grandfather lowered the window and extended a hand toward the ringer. A sign read, “Welcome to Pervagus Mansion,” and an Egyptian eye symbol was etched in a metal plate – the same eye that was on the ad.

Thomas felt like the gargoyles perched on each side of the gate were analyzing them. A chill ran down his spine.

“Wait,” Thomas said. He swallowed a lump in his throat. “What do you think about this place?”

“What do you mean?” Grandpa said fixing his glasses.

“It’s two streets away from the house,” Thomas said. “How come we’ve never seen it?”

“Don’t ask me. You lost the remote for three days under the couch.”

“That’s different.” Thomas peeked at the gargoyles. They seemed to be waiting for an excuse to move. “Just look at this place…” he said, his voice trailing off as he leaned forward, taking a peek at the side of the mansion. The buildings were surrounded by trails and fountains, and then opened to a forest beyond. The mansion felt out of place and Thomas tried to remember how far the rows of houses extended to the sides and back of the mansion. From this angle, he was completely sure that the mansion grounds reached at least as far as his backyard. Even beyond. “Do you think it goes all the way to the beach?”

“So? Wealthy people love the beach, and these guys are definitely wealthy. It’s just a big house.”

“Big? This thing is huge.”

“It’s just an interview, Tom, and you set it up. I can take you home if you want.”

“Do you want me to go?”

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Genre – YA Fantasy / Adventure

Rating – G

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