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Excerpt: Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles (Book 1) by Alexandra Anthony

Chapter 1-One Look Was All It Took

Nine years later….

Siobhan had dragged me to yet another Hollywood party.  They were typically boring, filled with egotistical actors, spoiled actresses and the occasional arrogant music industry type that had been lucky enough to mingle with the so-called Hollywood elite.  Personally, I think these events border on the ridiculous.  But I might be a tad biased since I grew up attending these parties, plastering on fake smiles and going through the motions of acting as if it all mattered.  Really, in the grand scheme of things it really didn’t.

I'm not an actress or a singer.  My name is Savannah Wood.  I've lived a relatively privileged life as the daughter of a high-profile divorce attorney to the stars, Carlton Wood.  Between my father and Siobhan, I know more dirt about celebrities than I really ever wanted to know.  And trust me when I tell you this: the celebrities that are marketed to be ‘America's Sweetheart’ or The ‘Boy Next Door’ usually have more secrets to hide than the train-wrecks you see in the tabloids.  And sadly those splashy rags in the checkout lanes at grocery stores are usually right on.

If I chose to, I could likely spend my time star fucking my way through Hollywood, cashing in on the sizable allowance my father sent me each month.  That wasn't who I was.  I didn't want to be famous for being a STD-riddled, D-list slut famous for nothing except how many celebrities I could bed.  I suppose I was the exception, not the rule.

It was bad enough that my mother had forced me into a brief modeling stint after my father divorced her when I was 16.  She thought it would be fun to live vicariously through me.  I'm probably best known for a series of controversial underwear ads for a famous designer known for his blue jeans.  They were only scandalous because I was 16 at the time and photographed in semi-compromising positions with a much older male model.

Draining the last of my lukewarm champagne, I placed it on a passing server's tray, smoothly grabbing another.  With a bored sigh I glanced around the room, barely paying attention to the conversations going on around me.

"You could at least pretend to look like you're having fun," Siobhan muttered under her breath.  She popped some sort of puff pastry in her mouth and nudged my arm with her elbow.

"Why would I want to do that? Bored is the new black," I grumbled back grouchily.  "You know I hate this ass kissing crap."

Siobhan Winters had been my best friend since we were both in diapers.  Our fathers were college frat buddies, both ending up in the entertainment industry.  It was ironic that Siobhan and I had followed in their footsteps in the business.  She ran a successful gossip blog, Private Eye.  I'd chosen to be a Personal Assistant, working my way to becoming an agent.

If I could find a job, I mused to myself.  More on that depressing subject later.

Siobhan shook her head and took a drink of her champagne.  "Whatever.  No one forced you here.  By the way, you have an admirer, Blondie.  2 o'clock."

Attempting to be nonchalant, I looked slightly to my right.  Slouching against the wall was Nick Hart.  Known for his reserved, charismatic appeal, he wasn't like other singers in the business.  Not only was he sharp and witty, he managed to avoid the paparazzi at all cost with some sort of second sense.  He was a mystery, which made him more appealing to the public.  Add in his beguiling smile and dark, handsome boy next-door looks, he was a PR wet dream.  He didn't need photo ops or gossip sites.  He was hot, sexy and everyone wanted him.

"I'm sure he's not looking at me," I shot back.  I took a nervous sip and cleared my throat.

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt," Siobhan quipped.  She tossed her long red hair over her shoulder.  "Seriously dude, he's been watching you for at least 20 minutes.  Why wouldn't he look at you? You're fabulous.  Go talk to him."  She gave me a sharp shove.

My mouth dropped.  I turned to face her, staring at her as if she'd lost her mind.  "What am I supposed to do? Just saunter up to him and say what exactly?  Something like 'I've noticed you staring, would you like to take me home and have your way with me?’"

Siobhan attempted to clap with her champagne flute in one hand.  She then pretended to wipe a tear away with her finger.  "Mama's so proud.  You're growing up."

Huffing, I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.  "It's not happening, Von.  Sorry."

"He's a saint by Hollywood standards and he's fucking beautiful.  Can you imagine that body naked? I mean, look at the size of his..."

I cut her off before she could go any further.  "Yeah, yeah.  He's gorgeous.  And he doesn't date."

"Who said anything about dating? I'm talking about a much more casual type of encounter." Siobhan's eyebrows waggled suggestively.  "He's still staring and I can tell he is most definitely interested.  And what a coincidence - I see one of my contacts.  I gotta get the scoop.  I’ll be right back.  Make me proud!"

She sashayed across the room in a silver streak, leaving me alone to ogle Nick Hart over my cheap glass of champagne in my overpriced cocktail dress.

He hadn't moved from his spot on the wall.  I watched curiously as he took an occasional swallow from a whiskey glass, his dark eyes surveying the room with as much enthusiasm as I had.  His body language and look of disgust on his face gave it away.  I liked him better already.


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