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Why Social Networks Hold The Keys To Good Networking – Regan Black @ReganBlack

Why Social Networks Hold The Keys To Good Networking

Thanks for having me here and thanks also to the team at Orangeberry Book Tours for arranging this stop. It’s a pleasure to be here and make new friends through events like this.

Social networks and the new connections and relationships we can forge through those social media avenues have been a boon in accessibility for authors and readers. For publishers and authors who understand how to interpret the data, social media can be an effective tool to bring a writer or a book to the forefront of any genre.

It’s great being able to spread the word about a book, a blog tour, a giveaway, or anything else going on in our individual lives and reach so many people in a short amount of time through just 140 characters on twitter, or wordier updates on Facebook. And the new visual outlets of Pinterest or Instagram are wonderful for making a fast impression in our instant-gratification, zero-time world these days.

When I was first published, my author to reader marketing focus was primarily dialed into to face time events at bookstores or fairs, meetings or speaking engagements. It was wonderful, but there were the logistic limits of travel expenses, store options, and the shoppers who were around on the day of the event.

After my back injury prevented any real traveling for the better part of three years, social media enabled me to maintain connections to readers and bloggers as well as to grow my audience for my books. It sounds sappy, but it’s true: without social media, I would have felt too isolated, even for an introverted author.

With the advancements of technology and social media options, authors can connect with readers worldwide in an instant. The money I save on travel expenses I can put into fun prizes and other advertising campaigns for Bulletproof and the Unknown Identities series. Plus the time and energy I save goes right back into the writing, which means I can produce more action-packed paranormal romantic suspense stories for readers to devour.


Additionally, social media allows authors to build relationships and target their message to readers who share interests outside of books. It’s not uncommon to see me tweeting about coffee, chocolate, or the latest antics of my retired greyhounds or spoiled cats.

Creating those connections with people who like to share and chat about the same things helps bridge the gap, making authors more accessible and real to their readers. As Rachel Thompson is always saying, “It’s the relationship!”  Those relationships create word of mouth momentum which is so vital for developing a loyal fan base.

Small print disclaimer for everyone: social media is often a double-edged sword because it can really steal quality writing time. I think it’s one of those lessons every author learns in their own way, and a situation each of us copes with differently.

What is your favorite way to connect with authors via social media?

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