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Sadism by Mary Maddox

by Mary Maddox

A few years ago I gave an early draft of Talion to a woman I thought was my friend. She read only the first chapter. The scene in which Rad cuts Whistler’s throat appalled her so much she couldn’t continue. "How can you write about things like that?" she asked. "I mean, I respect the power of the imagination."

I was rather proud of the scene – especially Rad’s thought that "the dying body has a thousand voices.”

This reader’s implication was that I had invoked the power of my imagination in the service of something evil. I thought, “Who is she to talk?” Here was a poet whose poems were erotically charged and often explicit. In one, the speaker beheld the beauty of a young child and understood why a pederast would desire him. Other poems chronicled her attraction to her brother. Her imagination covered all kinds of forbidden sexual territory, but she considered violence beyond the pale, a land of evil where no decent person ventured.

I never spoke my mind to her. The violence in Talion is shocking, and I couldn’t blame her for an honest response, as much as I wanted to. Afterward she had as little contact with me as possible. I was no longer someone she cared to have coffee with. Or even to email.

Ironically, I detest sadism. Stories of cruelty to children and animals make me angry and break my heart. I despise people who take pleasure in hurting others. But when I decided to bring Rad into the story, I had to understand him. I read a number of books about sadistic killers and violence. What I learned wasn’t altogether comfortable. While serial killers are obvious unlike most people, the emotions that drive them are shared by all human beings. Rage. The need for control in a hostile and overwhelming world.  I recognized these emotions in myself and realized it wasn’t innate goodness that kept me from being a sadistic killer but the familiar accidents of heredity and environment. I was born female with hyper-reactive nervous system. Though my parents were far from perfect, I received love as a child.

My former friend might have become a killer too, under different circumstances. Maybe that was the truth she didn’t care to contemplate.

Global Ebook Awards Silver Medal Winner

2nd place for horror fiction in the 2013 Global eBook Awards


Meet Rad Sanders, the most terrifying serial killer you will ever encounter, in a thriller unlike any you have ever read...

Lu Jakes lives with her alcoholic father and abusive stepmother, Norlene, at Hidden Creek Lodge in the Utah mountains. When the beautiful Lisa is sent by her protective parents to stay at the lodge for the summer, Lu makes her first real friend - dangerously unaware that Lisa's is not the only new face at the resort.
For Lisa has been followed by Rad Sanders, a sadistic killer who has plans for the girls - sick plans that will drag them and their families to the very brink of hell. Rad stalks Lu and Lisa, waiting for his moment, certain that his deadly plan cannot fail.

But unknown to Rad, Lu has a secret. She can see things that nobody else can see: the spirit Talion and his companions. But are these spirits real or a trick of the mind? And will Lu's special gift help her and Lisa as the killer closes in...

TALION is a gripping, intense tale of friendship, family and dark desires, that blends Thomas Harris with Stephen King.  It is a book that will make you want to sleep with all the lights on - if you can sleep at all.

Rated R for adult language and scenes of disturbing violence.
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Rating – R
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