Tuesday, September 17, 2013

James Fricton – Dan Brown meets Dan Brown

Dan Brown meets Dan Brown

by James Fricton

Two geniuses of the modern world: one in literature and one in psychology make unlikely bookends in James Fricton’s recent novel, The Last Scroll.  The concepts of Dan Brown, the best-selling author of art and history thrillers and those of Daniel Brown Ph.D, the  Harvard psychology prodigy behind major movements in positive psychology are weaved together in a surprising romantic thriller. In this book, Dan Brown meets Dan Brown. Fricton, a Professor at the University of Minnesota and pain specialist, set out to create a fictional world filled with intrigue, high culture, and conspiracy theories in a style similar to Brown’s The Da Vinci Code series. But, he also blends in Dr. Daniel Brown’s scientific concepts of positive psychology, spiritual meaning, and the search for the good life into his story-line. This ideology plays out surprisingly well in the novel.

The Last Scroll helps readers gain insight through specific positive actions in each realm– e.g. helping others, creative activities, exercise, meditation, getting organized, eating healthy, learning– that drive positive energy in each Realm of a person’s life.  Opposite the book’s positive psychology are a terrifying string of plagues that are devastating the world including corruption, poverty, sickness, conflict, despair, hunger. A pair of doctors try to reverse these trends by conducting research on remarkable findings in the last of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Unfortunately, they become a target of a fanatical killer– who ironically is bent on saving the world by stopping the heretical research that may actually save the world The book has twists that even Dan Brown, the author, wouldn’t think of.


A chance meeting with an old classmate leads Ryan Laughlin, a dedicated young physician, to an ancient Roman spa in a medieval village of Italy where researchers are studying two remarkable events that could change the course of history—a new technology that claims to measure the essence of life itself, the human spirit, and the final Dead Sea Scroll which was recently discovered in the West Bank.

The Last Scroll reveals universal truths about the nature of life through Seven Blessing but warns of Seven Plagues of the Beast that are emerging this century causing alarm and protests around the world.

While visiting the spa to learn these secrets and enjoy the food, wine, and culture of Italy, Ryan finds himself the target of a killer who claims the project is heresy and will do anything to stop it. In a deadly race through ancient Italy, he is desperately trying to save the only woman he has loved since the death of his wife.

What insight and power lies within the fragmented pieces of the Last Scroll?

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Genre - Romantic Thriller

Rating – PG13

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