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Keira Michelle Telford – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Magistrate

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Magistrate

by Keira Michelle Telford

1) The Prisonworld Trilogy is set in the same world as the SILVER Series.

They might be living on two different continents, but Ella ‘Silver’ Cross from my SILVER Series of books and Carmen Wild from the Prisonworld Trilogy are living in the same universe. It’s the year 2349, and the apocalypse occurred over three hundred years ago. The virus that caused the evolution of the Chimera in the SILVER books also swept through the Kingdom of Great Britain—where Carmen has lived her entire life—but the Chimera on that continent were eradicated many decades ago.

So for as much as the universe they share is the same, the difference in their lives couldn’t possibly be any greater. Silver has lived her entire life in an isolated city, completely unaware of any other surviving human populations. Whereas Carmen has been brought up in the new Kingdom of Great Britain, fully aware of the expanse of the globe, watching as her people slowly dominate one country after another, pulling pockets of surviving humans into the British Empire.

2) There are going to be character crossovers from the Prisonworld Trilogy to the SILVER Series.

Although the Prisonworld Trilogy and the SILVER Series are distinct and separate entities, Carmen Wild does make an appearance in the next SILVER book, Lex Talionis. The final book in the SILVER Series (title undecided) will also feature both Carmen and her lover, Emmeline.

Not to worry, though. If you’re not a fan of the SILVER books, or you’re not in the mood to pick up another series right now, it doesn’t matter: the Prisonworld Trilogy completely stands alone. There’s no need to read the SILVER books if you don’t want to, or vice versa.

3) Lina is my fantasy woman.

Yup, that’s right: I’m in love with Emmeline ‘Lina’ MacKinsey, a whorehouse Madam. I don’t normally go for blondes, but hell, she’s perfect in just about every way. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise to me, since I created her, but somehow I’m still floored by how awesome she is. Perhaps I should find that troubling—that I’m smitten with a completely fictional woman—but hey, we’re not harming anyone, right?

4) The Prisonworld Trilogy is lightly Inspired by Charles Dickens.

I’ve always been a fan of Dickensian worlds, and in the Prisonworld Trilogy, I created one of my own. It has a mild Oliver Twist sort of feel to it, given that it’s set in a neo-Victorian version of London, amidst pickpockets and workhouses. One could liken Lina to a Nancy-es      que whore with a heart of gold, and Carmen could be considered a sort of Oliver character, being an orphan who escaped from the workhouse she was once confined to.

The Victorian era fascinates me, and I’ve long wanted to write a novel in a Victorian setting, but didn’t want to feel constrained by having to adhere to historical accuracies. As I’ve said plenty of times before: I don’t much care for rules. By creating a futuristic, dystopian London, I forged my own neo-Victorian environment instead. I drew from elements of Victorian England that were particularly interesting to me: horse and carts, workhouses, penny gaffs, an overabundance of gin, to name but a few. It also gave me the opportunity to dress women up in sexy corsets. And who doesn’t love to ogle a bit of fancy corsetry every now and then?

5) Companion novellas to the Prisonworld Trilogy are in the pipeline!

You heard it here first, folks: there will be 2 or 3 companion novellas coming out to accompany the trilogy. These will be short, erotic lesbian tales, focusing on the relationship between Carmen and Lina. The first of these companion books, called Out of Twig, will take us back several years, to a time when Carmen was 16yrs old and enrolled in Broadheath Boarding School, shortly after the CPS removed her from Lina’s care. The book sees Lina gaining entrance to the school by masquerading as a teacher arriving for a job interview, and then seeking out young, recently-legal Carmen …

The Magistrate


Poverty is rife in twenty-fourth century London, England. Crime rates are at an all-time high, and living conditions for many are bleak. Capital punishment and public hangings have been reinstated, and Magistrates, in their new role, are tasked with patrolling the streets to enforce arrest warrants and ‘terminate’ any civilians who attempt to evade justice — which isn’t always a noble pursuit.

The laws are strict, illiberal, and unsympathetic. If you can’t afford to feed and clothe yourself, you’ll be sent to the workhouse. If you fall behind on your rent, you’ll be sent to debtors’ prison. If you’re gay, you’ll be hanged.

For Carmen Wild, the latter becomes a potentially deadly problem when the discovery of a murdered prostitute brings her back into the life of her first love — the Madam of an East End cathouse — and the illicit passions between them are swiftly reignited.

The Magistrate is a lesbian romance, set against the backdrop of dystopian, neo-Victorian London.

***Contains graphic & explicit language***

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Genre - Lesbian Romance/ Dystopian/ Neo-Victorian

Rating – R (18+)

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