Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Night Stand with the Rock Star (With the Rockstar #1) by Ana W. Fawkes

One Night Stand

Welcome to world of billionaire rockstar, Alex Slader…

Just one night.

That's all Jessica Harpmae is looking for when she gets a chance to meet billionaire rockstar, Alex Slader.

Just one night.
Alex Slader isn't just a rockstar, he is the rockstar... a complicated man, a suffering man, a man who savers life through submission. And when he meets innocent Jessica, listening to her generic questions about his band and his life, his mind travels elsewhere... he wants Jessica.

Just one night.

Jessica must confront her deepest sexual desires and fears as she stares at the most powerful and sexiest rockstar in the world. Add to that her seemingly innocent roommate, Carrie, who is secretly locked into a sexual contract of her own, and Jessica's life soon becomes a twisted mix of reality, fantasy, and past memories that place her in Alex Slader's bed and heart...

But, remember, it's only a one night stand...

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Genre - New Adult Romance
Rating – PG13
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