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Thomas Thorpe – What Inspired You To Write This Book?

What inspired you to write this book?
by Thomas Thorpe
The Darmon Mysteries are set in various countries around the world between 1820 to 1845, notably following the American and French Revolutions, yet prior to the abolition of slavery and the industrial revolution. One could foresee train travel and the end of Clipper ship.
The era was both fascinating and turbulent. Nations struggled with self-government, having emerged from colonialism or repressive monarchies. Word of the French and American revolutions had spread worldwide. Tensions flared between traditional royalists and young radicals who promoted new ideas of democracy to free themselves from repressive social classes. The idea of personal freedom threatened the economic engine of most countries: slavery. Already condemned by the church, the practice became the target of rebelllion among slaves, sepoys, serfs and Quebecois. As a result, conspiracies abounded and murders were common.
Into the mix, are thrust the Darmons, who solve mysteries occurring worldwide. William and Elizabeth, her sister Emily and brother-in-law Charles and youngest sister, Victoria. They’re world traveling aristocrats whose money provides access, but encounters with other cultures make them truly “fish out of water”as they venture to America, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Brazil, Russia and India.
William Darmon and his wife Elizabeth, owners of Mayfair Hall, fall victim to rival Forth family who introduce a bill into Parliament called the Writ of Confiscation. It will repossess the Darmon’s ancestral home unless they can find their missing deed. A late family friend hid the document on a trip to Egypt decades earlier, leaving a clue to its location only visible in the night sky of 1825.
As the Darmons begin to unravel the mystery, a Forth body turns up on their doorstep. William and brother-in-law, Charles set off for the Mediterranean only to be waylaid by Greek independence fighters on the eve of a massive Egyptian invasion. William’s escape finds him stranded in the Sahara far behind Forth members attempting to destroy his property title. Historically accurate events provide non-stop suspense.
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Genre – Historical / Mystery / Thriller
Rating – PG
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