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Some Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Alan Chan

Some Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Alan Chan

It is said that it takes a life time to know a person. Likewise, it is considered that what we decide and act upon has greater meaning than random words we might carefully choose to describe who we are. Thus, trying to read between the lines and getting to know a person is always a great exercise and a diversity challenger. So, in the words of the legendary Barney Stinson: “Haaaave you met Dr. Alan Chan?!”

The author of “The Critical Flaw: How to profit and protect wealth in history’s greatest opportunity” always dreamt of being a published author but without having primary focus on this activity. He has seen it as a part time job rather than building upon a career. Accuracy and analytical thinking were the two characteristics that determined him to research the truth by going deeper and deeper into the essentials. Applicable to him as well, he believes that an author’s most important driver is the passion one has for the approached subject. Thus, with courage, heart and determination he had begun this journey in 2008…

To journey or to quest?! The objectives of the two are quite different. While the first one assumes getting somewhere, the latter implies learning something. Hence, the journey focuses on a future state rather than permitting to discover and live here and now. Dr. Alan P. Chan is a more of a wanderer, for learning from own mistakes was always a principle of his. In order to be an authentic and genuine traveler, faith and trust are two main ingredients. The quote in his mind to have guided him through life was of Joshua 1:9 – “I’ve commended you to be strong and brave. Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged! I am your Lord, your God and I will be there to help you wherever you go.” Hereby, there is no finish in Dr. Alan’s journey, only a few stops on the way…

To stop or to finish?! Finishing something is a non-changeable state of facts. It means you have completed something to its final stage. Stopping infers a perfectible state of currently being, a disruptive event prior do doing something else. Although you will mostly hear Dr. Chan talking about commencing new projects, he is a world class finisher with strong accents of an extra-mile-runner both in his personal life and in business…

To be or not to be a business owner was never a dilemma for Dr. Alan Chan. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family gave him a distinctive mindset, respectively the one of being a financially independent go-getter solving a societal problem or helping communities. This is exactly what he wishes to pass on to Alan Chan Jr. in just a few months. Parenthood is, of course, an amazing, life changing choice that puts a little pressure on him. His father having been his mentor, owning up to the greater image your child sees could be at least challenging…

Challenging or not, we are much less than who we shape our children to be. It is amusing how for them we are firstly super heroes and then, when growing up, they discover our humanly flawed nature. But what we need to believe in and be an example of is that everything is possible. In the words of Dr. Alan Chan: with passion, determination and a clear objective, everybody has the ability to reach success as long as they strive for excellence.

In his 2008 Congressional testimony, Dr. Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman, noted a flaw in the economic model he previously thought defined how the world works. Greenspan was referring to the ability of banks and markets to regulate themselves—an ideology he admitted went wrong with the 2008 economic meltdown.

The author has a unique perspective from the inside. He covers topics like inflation, quantitative easing, the “fiscal cliff,” and the global debt crisis with clarity and purpose. Dr. Alan P. Chan is presenting his research as evidence of money’s shaky foundation as an economic driver that Dr. Greenspan’s “critical flaw” presents an excellent investment opportunity.

“Well-argued and ultimately quite persuasive… With a straightforward, accessible writing style that conveys his obvious passion for the topic, Chan articulates important points of economic theory without becoming too abstract. Dr. Chan’s insight is enthralling.” –ELIZABETH MILLARD, ForeWord Clarion Reviews.

“Dr. Chan does a great job of taking complicated financial concepts and explaining them in a fresh and clear manner. He also offers up some thoughtful ideas on how to navigate today’s volatile financial landscape.” – BRIAN SAMSON, Founder & CEO, HR for Startups.

“Dr. Chan’s book is needed for today’s financial times. His guide will help stop you from making bad investments, avoiding financial debt, and ultimately provide answers to the questions you’ve been asking for years. What’s the real picture? How to invest long term profitably and safely? How to protect my future? What happens in the next crisis? How can I avoid the traps?” – BILL CHAN, Corporate Advisory Chair of Seine Image International Co. Ltd.

“The Critical Flaw describes how true and seriously faulty the assumptions on which we built our financial world upon. Brimming with straightforward facts and strategies, anyone can use Dr. Chan’s book to overcome the key fears and questions associated with investing in physical gold and silver.” – ESTHER JIN, MSOD, Private Wealth Manager.

“If you want to deploy a section of your portfolio into precious metals, then this book is the invaluable tool you’ll need in order to capitalize on accurate concepts and helpful tactics which will allow you to protect your assets against the next financial crash and also profit from it. This is a must-read.” –RALUCA IONITA, Co-Founder and Managing Director AYG Romania.

“Dr. Chan paints a bleak picture about the current state of a flawed global financial system. Through shrewd investing and economic foresight, he takes us on a journey towards financial independence, free from the control of central banks and governmental monetary policy.” – CASEY FONG, Founder of Dreaming Emotion.

“Heartfelt, inspiring, simple and clear. The Critical Flaw reveals a new approach for investors who want to succeed in this new economic landscape. I loved it!” – SIMEON DACUMOS, CEO & Creative Director of Simeon Dacumos Co.

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