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George & Sedena Cappannelli – Breakdown or Breakthrough

Breakdown or Breakthrough…What Will We Choose?

by George and Sedena Cappannelli

We are entering a time of demographic revolution.  Over the next several decades, some say half of our population here in the U.S. will be 50 years of age or older for the first time in history.  This is an astounding piece of information!  But consider this as well.  Although this revolution is just beginning there are serious disagreements, conflicts and stalemates already being acted out in the chambers of government, in the boardrooms of our institutions and corporations and on the streets of some of the world’s cities.  Indeed, this “graying” of the world’s population is ushering in a time of unprecedented social, political, cultural, economic, technological, and environmental change for all of us who are passengers on this train called Humanity and especially for those of us who the world calls older GenXers, Boomers, and Elders. And this, as they say, is only the beginning!

Consider another startling fact – our governments, many of our institutions, and businesses and the vast majority of us as individuals are significantly unprepared for the substantial challenges and, equally important, for the unprecedented opportunities that lie ahead.

Perhaps this will help you to understand why we title this article – Breakdown or Breakthough and why we wrote, Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide to Living Consciously and Aging Wisely For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday.   You see, from our perspective, the factors discussed above represents either a recipe for disaster or fertile ground for a historic breakthrough.

The good news is that we and a growing number of others believe that the time ahead will prove to be a fertile ground for breakthrough.  We believe that many of us who are older GenXers (40 to 45), Boom­ers (46 to 64), and Elders (65+) not only have the opportunity but the time, resources, talent, experience, and above all, the need to revisit and where necessary redefine the values and priorities that have guided our individual lives to date. We also believe that if we are willing to periodically conduct a reassessment of who we are, what we believe and what we are prepared to do, we can contribute to helping steer the ship of state onto a course that promises greater well-being, environmental sustain­ability, social responsibility, and financial stability for ourselves and those who come after us.

So if you are an older GenXer, Boomer or Elder and interested in living more consciously and aging wisely you are, as they say, on the right page at the right time. If you are under 40 and want to better prepare for your own road ahead — as well as better understand the road your parents, older friends, and relatives may now be on — then you have also come to the right place.  And if you want to use the time you have remaining — whether years or decades — to make right your relationship with yourself and with others, if you want to connect with greater meaning, passion, and joy and, in the process, contribute to a more positive and compassionate future, then this could be a terrific time to either affirm or re-affirm your commitment to living consciously and aging wisely.

So if you believe, as we do, that you are never too old or too young to learn what you do not know, and if you are inspired by others who have accomplished things of genuine value in their 50s and, in some cases, in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s—then know that your journey – easy or challenging – will help you fulfill the dream you have come here to manifest.

And while we can’t promise you “The 10 Effortless Steps to Easy Street,” we can assure you that staying on the path to breakthrough will help you remember how remarkable you are, what extraordinary things you are capable of expressing in this lifetime, and how much joy and satisfaction this expression will bring to you and to others.

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Do Not Go Quietly is an extraordinary and important book for all Gen Xers (40 to 45), baby boomers (46 to 64), and elders (65 and older). It is also valuable for those under 40 who want to better understand and assist their parents, older friends, and relatives.

Discover how to harvest the fruits of our past and turn them into gold we can invest in the present and future. Learn how to live with greater mindfulness in each moment so that we can more fully celebrate our lives, live our dreams, and heal any wounds that may encumber us. See how to chart a more harmonious, joyful, and successful course so that we’ll be able to say with pride, “We have run the course to the best of our abilities, and we will leave behind a legacy of genuine value.”

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