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Steven Beeho – Why I Write in Third Person

Why I Write in Third Person

by Steven Beeho

I think I just love looking over the world and characters I created. I think I like feeling like God, to be honest. I love to have that overreaching view of everything, to see all views, to see all plots and plans and intents and decisions. I think I also like to be impartial. Yes, some of my characters will appeal to me more than others, but I don’t want to play favourites. I also don’t like being pinned down to one view only. I don’t want to think like just one character or see the world through their eyes only.

Most of all, though, I write third person because so many of the books I have read were written that way. It became something I never even thought about for a long time. I read fantasy books where the POV would vary so often. I read science fiction where you had to see the universe from multiple positions in order to understand it.

David Gemmell was a big influence on me as a reader and a writer. I loved his books, especially his characters. He wrote third person and I loved how I could see the good and the bad in everyone because I saw through so many eyes. The hero could be a killer to someone they were talking to while judging that person as a coward because they didn’t fight back. In a conversation you were treated to both individuals being judged, and those judgements would reflect on the one doing so as much as the one they beheld. I loved that and love to do the same.

I hope I’m not getting snobbish about first person but it has never appealed to me. Perhaps because it reminds me of writing stories as a kid and only doing them in first person. It feels simplistic. When I was a child, I was unable to put my mind into different personalities and understand them all at the same time. I could barely do it with one character. I think most of the time the ‘I’ in the story then was just me or a version of me.

I love to write stories because I want to reach out into the weird and wonderful, things I don’t see around me and likely never will. That’s why my main loves are fantasy, scifi and horror. I want to do unbelievable things in an unbelievable world. Not just once either. So for me, to write from many views gives me free rein in the worlds I create. I can be both hero and villain, conquerer and freedom fighter, creator and destroyer. I want to show as much of the world as I can as well. I created this damn thing, I want to show every view possible.

Sojourners in Shadow is a collection of tales set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where monsters, mutants and machines are now battling with each other and the fragmented remnants of humanity. Science and magic are now free to wield as any see fit, if they have the ability and will to master them. This leads to conflict across the globe and we follow the paths of individuals and groups as they try to survive, or better yet, to master their surroundings.

Lone warriors, seekers of power, defenders of the weak and predators of the helpless cross paths repeatedly, while leaders guide their people with wisdom or ruthless intent, or sometimes both. No single power dominates, all is chaotic and the past is a haze few know anything about. Death is common, trust is rare, loyalty is priceless. But a brutal world produces beings of rare abilities and strong spirit, of honed skills and sharp minds, whether they be champions or tyrants, humans or mutants or monsters or machines. Their adventures are only just beginning.

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Genre – Post- Apocalypse Sci-Fi

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