Monday, July 29, 2013

Sarah Martinez – How Have People Responded to Sex and Death in the American Novel?

How Have people responded to Sex and Death in the American Novel?

by Sarah Martinez

I had one woman from my mommy group who also has hopes of publishing one day come up and put her arm around me and tell me I was a badass. She said she admired that I just went out and got it done. At a time when I feel like all I do is juggle, drop balls and fail to complete any number of tasks, that was wonderful to hear.

I got my first fan letter a few weeks ago. The person was also an author who said that the way Sex and Death was written made her want to inspire her readers to think as much as she did when reading the book, and she wanted to go past what she thought she was capable of. My words did this? WOW. I don’t care how many books I sell (Yes, I do.) that is priceless.

When I am inspired to write to an author in this way I am affected. The feeling is huge. It means that someone else has gotten inside of me and made their mark. To think that I had that same type of effect on someone else is really really incredible.

Most of the reviews on Amazon have been good and what I am really proud of are how well thought out most of them are. There is a range of experiences people have had with the book and that they took the time out of their lives to articulate this is worth a lot.

I was worried that people would be frustrated because it didn’t fit as what I feared they expected from an erotic novel. It turns out that readers are very willing to go with me on these wild journeys. Now I can’t wait to give them the next book!

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