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Nastasia Peters – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Altors

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Altors

    by Nastasia Peters

    1. Calycanthus was a girl at first, but soon turned into a boy. This was in the early stages, so early in fact, I hadn’t given female version of Cali a name.

    2. None of the characters had a last name until after the third book’s first draft was completed. It was while I was editing the first book for the first time that I noticed it looked awkward without.

    3. Isa, a supporting character, was never intended to be as present as he is in the first book (and as he will be in the second and third). He was supposed to be in the background, but when I introduced him for the first time in a scene with Cali, I had so much fun writing him, I couldn’t stop bringing him back afterwards to torment the protagonists.

    4. I drew the map of zinc four times before I was finally satisfied with the shape of the country. Because I redrew the map so many times, I had to re-write the opening chapter of Altors many, many times as well.

    5. Zinc’s editor is very territorial of the character Delph and has a deep seeded hatred for the character Ivy. It’s hilarious.

    6. Originally Solenum’s nickname was going to be So instead of Sol.

    7. (SPOILER for those who didn’t read the book) I didn’t know Calycanthus and Solenum would be part Seer until I re-wrote the ending and turned the story into a trilogy. Originally Calycanthus had blue streaks in his hair, hinting to the fact that he may be part Regius.

    8. I had Delph and Solenum be intimate with each other because I didn’t want to have two protagonist virgins.

    9. Datura, in the first draft, was the opposite of humble. He was quite arrogant and cocky. It did not fit with his nature and special talents, so I re-worked his character quite a bit until I was happy with him. It also helped with his and Calycanthus’ relationship and with that, the plot that circles around Cali became easier to develop as well. Datura’s speech pattern and body language changed so much from the first draft, all his dialogue was completely re-written until it took shape the way it is presented in the published copy.

    10. I didn’t know for sure if I wanted Cali to be gay until shortly before the character figures it out in the book himself. I was jumping back and forth and actually leaning more towards him being straight and not even having a love interest at all. That was until I tested out a scene between him and Datura, even if he had been straight, Datura would have been very important to Calycanthus as a character. The chemistry between them was so interesting, I decided to just go with it.


        Following the murder of their legal guardian, two best friends suffer the thing they fear most, separation. Solenum and Calycanthus must each take daring paths to find their way back to one another, and as they do so, they will uncover the secrets their land has been hiding beneath a carefully constructed facade for centuries.

        An underground war is taking place, kept hidden from the public eye by those called the Altors and Regius. Although unaware at first of what their involvement brings to the people of Zinc, Calycanthus close proximity to the Altors allows him to uncover parts of the truth, creating an important turning point that may just be the kick the Altors need to beat the Regius. But it is Solenum who will find the possible key that can lead to a peaceful future.

        Is Galax an exception to the rule that says all Regius are cruel? Will Solenum be able to show him that he may just be the example everyone needs in order to end the hidden turmoil? Meanwhile, can Calycanthus figure out the intentions of the mysterious man named Datura?

        New friendships are made and love is found as the two best friends work hard on finding their way back to one another throughout a world they’d always lived in, but was a mystery up until now.

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