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Steve Wilhelm – Why Book Covers Are So Important

Why Book Covers Are So Important

by Steve Wilhelm

When I am looking to buy a book in the bookstore, or an eBook online, the first thing that catches my eye is the book cover. Now, unless I am already looking for the new book from a top author that I like or a specific book that I have heard wonderful buzz from someone I know who has read it or maybe a review in the newspaper, I have to admit, I am going to be swayed by the book cover. If the cover is bland or so generic that I have no idea if it even relates to the title of the book or the content inside the cover, chances are I will not purchase it, much less give it a second glance. On the flip side, if the cover is so complex that I have to struggle to find the title of the book, or it makes me have to try and guess what the book is about, I might hesitate in the purchase.

There has to be balance in what is portrayed on the cover to capture the eye of the reader, as well as draw interest to what is contained inside. If there is a scantily clad, big breasted young lady in the arms of a muscle bound pirate against a moonlit sky full of stars, well, that would definitely catch my eye and probably provoke some interest. It would also tell me that it’s probably a soapy, chick book full of sex and adventure. Not that I have anything against that kind of book. But it’s just not for me. But that’s a constructive cover for a certain genre and a specific reader. If the cover is a plain green and has a turtle inside a circle with the title of, say, “The Frantic Pool,” I might spend a minute or two trying to figure out what the cover means. It could, of course, be a brilliant cover and title and have specific meaning to the plot. So that cover has done what it is supposed to do, which is generate the interest of the reader.

The cover doesn’t have to be generated professionally by a graphic designer or a company that specializes in covers. If one can’t afford the services of those, that’s fine. But they should definitely put in the extra time and effort to create something in his or her own budget that doesn’t look like it was created on an etch-a-sketch or a napkin at the local coffee shop. Unless, of course, that’s the effect one is trying to convey.  But do go the extra mile to create something classy and presentable, something that the readers will enjoy and take a second look at. A cover that the author can be proud of, because that’s what people are going to see in bookstores when they pick up books, or browse the internet sites that sell eBooks. People are going to see that cover first.

Remember, the book cover can make or break the book.

The Tales of Nick

Nick Ambrose, aspiring author and recovering alcoholic is on the verge of success. His first book is a hit and opening doors for him. He’s met Sera, young, beautiful and seems to be the girl of his dreams. Life is good. What could possible go wrong?

“Dark, cold, trembling. Where was I? I shook my head and slowly the black turned to a dull grey. I opened my eyes and strained to see something – anything. My head throbbed as if a ping hammer was constantly pounding from the inside. The more I concentrated and tried to focus, the more I felt the pain in my head. It was overwhelming, and there seemed nothing I could do to overcome it. Why was I hurting so? The tumultuous angst was indescribable. I seemed totally immobilized, body, mind and soul. Where could I obtain help? Was there anyone out there?”

Barry, Nick’s best friend is MIA and Nick now finds himself all alone. Demons from his past now come crashing into the fray, challenging all that Nick has worked so hard for. Could even Houdini find an escape from the binds that tie?

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