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Anastasia V Pergakis - 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cleanse Fire

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cleanse Fire and The Kinir Elite by Anastasia V Pergakis   
1. Kie’s LooksAnastasia V. Pergakis 

The character of Kie originally had straight brown hair and brown eyes. But, when the romance between her and Derac blossomed, she was changed to wavy auburn-reddish hair with amber colored eyes. Since Derac’s wife died in a fire – and to play into the title that relates to the main plot of the story – Kie was changed to represent “fire” herself in a way. She “cleanses Derac’s heart” so to speak and so, she was changed to match the “fire” aspect of the book’s title too. This way, both the main plot and the romance thread, match with the title.        

2. Birthdays The team members all share birthdays with people that are important to me (and okay, I threw in my birthday too!) In some cases, they even sync up in other ways, that made it fun for me when writing the book! Derac – my Dad - December 21 Kie – myself - May 24 Aeli – my sister - November 30 (both highly intelligent/geniuses, but sort of hide it) Jardel – my son - August 4 (both blonde hair, blue eyed, wild and hyper boys!) Tyn – my friend, Charlene A. Wilson -February 14 (Both romantic and somewhat soft spoken. Yes. Charlene’s birthday is actually Valentine’s day.) Rakan – my friend, J.D. Brown - April 23  
3. Uniforms Anastasia V. Pergakis 1 
My son loves Disney’s show “Phineas and Ferb”. I was trying to design the team’s uniform, while sitting on the couch with my sketch pad. Then – voila. The character Vanessa came onto the episode and there it was. The initial design of the uniforms. Of course, I made some changes and additions but the black color and the placement of the tunic buttons stayed the same though. Then I decided to continue with the design through the entire Kinir Army.      

4. Elite Qualifications Elves cannot apply or request to be on the Elite. An elf must first serve 10 years in the Kinir Army and 3 to 5 years in the Kinir Rangers. An elf must also have the following qualifications:
  • Be fluent in 6 languages
  • Pass all intelligence tests with a score of 175 or better (out of 200)
  • Be an expert in all manners of combat
  • Pass the Elite Aptitude and Endurance Test with a combined score of 1900 or better (out of 2000) –Only Rangers who have served 3 years and have all the other qualifications on this list, are allowed to take the test. BONUS Info: In the history of the Kinir Elite, no member has ever had a score on the EAET lower than 1975. The highest score ever, belongs to Aeli, with a score of 1998.)
5. The Kinir Crest When I went searching for inspiration for design the crest for the Kinir Elite, I original thought to have a fantastical creature, like a griffin or a dragon on the crest. But I kept coming back to a stock photo of a lion sitting regally with one paw raised. I don’t know what captured me about it. I did some research about real family and heraldic crests and what the symbols on them meant. I discovered that a lion on a crest can mean “dauntless courage”. Further research led me to discover that a lion reared up on its hind legs meant “bravery, strength, and valor.” Perfect for an elite military unit right? So, I changed tactics and went with lions rather than a fantastical creature. A crown on the crest can sometimes be a token of civic honor, which again, fits well with the Elite and what they stand for. The “K” of course stands for “Kinir.” 

Anastasia V. Pergakis 2

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