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Jacqueline Patricks – Truth and Accuracy: What’s the difference?

Truth and Accuracy: What’s the difference?

by Jacqueline Patricks

They’re the same right? Wrong; well at least not in my opinion. I’ve written professional medical reports for 20 years, been published in non-fiction, worked as a paid website content provider and written fiction for almost 30 years and I’ve learned that truth and accuracy can differ widely. Why does it matter?  What is truth to one person may not be so for another. While a statement or description may be true or based in truth, it may not be accurate to the specific item or event.

Truth is defined as: “conformity to knowledge, fact, actuality or logic” and accuracy is defined as:  “exactness, correctness”.  Sound similar, don’t they? But they can be viewed quite differently when details are important.

Example: The sky is blue. Is this a true statement? Of course, one can ask any random person and they would agree upon this universal truth. However, is that an accurate statement?  Perhaps. It can depend on current weather conditions, time of day, physical location, personal perception and many other variables.

So what, right? Truth versus accuracy, it’s close enough. Why bother being so specific? It’s all just words, just schematics. It matters because all human communication relies on statements to be both truthful and accurate. You can say the sky is blue but that statement is simple, limited and is unable to fully describe the richness of an evening sunset.

As a paramedic, if I were to document that a person is “sick” what useful information can a doctor or nurse garner from that statement? It may be true, but is it useful? How can the emergency department staff relay information that simple? Or worse, how do I explain myself to a judge should the worst case scenario occur? This is why medical and legal documents are so detailed. They need to be in order to cover all aspects of a situation, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Truthful, yet simple statements are not useful when dealing with the complexities of the real world. People are too intricate, too easily misunderstood or too willing to misunderstand. Even such a simple truth can be clouded by emotions of either the writer/speaker or the reader/receiver.

So how does this impact you as a writer? Think about your writing, the words you choose and how you describe things, people, emotions and sensory details. Are they true or accurate? Your story depends upon accuracy to create impact, which will in turn create readership. Accuracy in your work is the difference between ‘it felt hot’ and ‘as hot as a black car baking in the noonday sun’. Don’t write ‘dog’ when you can write ‘pit bull’. It creates an immediate and vivid picture in your reader’s mind.

The English language is varied. It possesses a plethora of perfect words to describe exactly what you want. Don’t settle for close enough. Perception is everything. If the majority of your readers have misunderstood your message, then you have failed as a writer. Be bold! Be clear! Be accurate! Use the right word for the right situation, and a new world of truth will be revealed to you.

Aliens, zombies, romance and a wormhole all wrapped up in a mystery!

*Rated Mature 17+ for violence, language, sexual scenes, possibly objectable scenes & gore* Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure

(Serious sci-fi with a romance-this is not a fluffy bunny)

The obsessed and slightly unstable Dr. Cass Baros does the improbable; she creates a wormhole. She’s convinced it will take her to the world which has haunted her dreams since adolescence. Meanwhile, she becomes more suspicious of her fiancé and co-project leader, Dr. Julian Saunders. Her boss, Dr. Janson, also has an agenda, which includes adding an Army contingent to her scientific team. Captain Lewis seems intelligent, but an Army grunt is still a grunt, right?

Once through the wormhole, they make first contact with the brajj, and Cass meets Jeamon, the man from her dreams who calls her queen. They’re drawn to one another but both are uncertain of the other,and she’s engaged to Julian. Unable to return home, the team must struggle to survive as they deal with an increasingly irrational Cass and unravel the millennia old secrets the alien world.

Passion and love, genius and madness, jealousy and danger enough to cause the death of worlds await Cass and her team through the wormhole…


“From the beginning, Patricks throws us one curve ball after another while still keeping her characters engaging enough so that we are affected by each loss. She also deftly paints a picture of each main protagonist with all their glory and faults and presents us with a gripping climax that will have your head spinning and make you eagerly await the next installment of this promising series.” Readers Favorite June 2013   http://readersfavorite.com/book-review/11586

“The interactions between humans and aliens are well handled. Plot twists at the end are genuinely startling, and leave the reader anticipating the sequel.” - IndieReader Dec 2012

“Devotees of the paranormal genre will appreciate Patricks’ original work.  It incorporates science fiction and magic which meld together perfectly. As readers’ imagination is put to the test, it’s apparent that only the strong will survive. One may think the dash of romance included in Volume one of The Brajj creeps in slowly, but doesn’t overwhelm or interfere with the plot that will keep fans itching for more.” InD’tale Magazine May 2013  http://www.indtale.com/reviews/dreams-queen-brajj-1

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Genre – Science Fiction / Romance

Rating – R

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