Sunday, April 7, 2013

Author Interview – Daniel Black

Who designed your cover? Renee Barratt of “The Cover Counts.” My original cover, which was just a picture of red leather with words drawn on it in black and gold ink, was nothing beside the cover she eventually came up with. Her work was excellent, and I recommend her to any writer who is starting out and needs a cover artist.
Have you ever had writers block? If so, what do you do to resolve it? YES!! All the time, my means of resolving writers block is not healthy, though it is certainly better than some (Yes we are talking about you Mr. Hemmingway!). I drink caffeinated beverages like they are water; the caffeine gets me going, and gets me past my writers block.
Did writing this book teach you anything, and what was it? I should hope so, and a great many things. It would be a sad sad experience that taught you nothing. Most of all the story tough me that when the writing feels right, you experience what your character experiences, you feel their torment, tears flow down your cheeks as your fingers click on the keyboard, and you laugh at their jokes. Characters in a novel come from you, and they are a part of you, but they are also individuals with their own wants and dreams, and lives, and it hurts when things go badly for them.
Do you intend to make writing your career? Absolutely; in fact, it already is. I am currently a full time author, thanks to my wife and her support and love for me and my work.
What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why? This is a fun one, there are many of them of course, but my favorite will always be one from, “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long” by Robert A. Heinlein.
“To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites, moderation is for monks.”
To me this quote embodies the spirit of life; the adage “live life to the fullest” is inherent in this quote.
What are you most proud of accomplishing so far in your life? Honestly? Lucking into marriage with the most wonderful woman ever. She supports my dreams, and encourages me in every endeavor, large or small.
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