Friday, May 31, 2013

Maggie Thom – Reading… a Personal Journey

Reading… a Personal Journey

by Maggie Thom

There are people who love reading and people who hate reading. I am one of those people that loves to read. Put words in front of me and I will read them. Recently, I got asked what I like to read. I’ve been asked this many times before but for some reason this was enough for me to really look at what it is that I do read. Probably, like most avid readers I started reading at a young age. I was a teenager though, before I was really hooked – I had found Harlequin Romances.

I thought they were great, until someone said to me, ‘you read those?’ Of course, not wanting to be ‘that kind of person’, I still read them but didn’t tell anyone and then I searched for other types of books. That comment bothered me for a while until I realized that it actually opened doors for me. Or books, as it were. I expanded my horizons and found other wonderful stories. I still enjoy a romance but now I love a wide variety of stories, which might not have happened if someone hadn’t said that to me. I found the Diary of Anne Frank, Helter Skelter and other real life stories. Then I got into Science Fiction/Fantasy – The Hobbit, Lord of the Ring Series, Thomas Covenant – White Gold Wielder (still one of my favorite series). Robert Ludlum though, became one of my true great authors to read. Loved everything he wrote and have read all of his books. And of course from following his writings, I found Ken Follet, Clive Cussler, John Grisham and many others. Along the way, I also read Nora Roberts, Jayne Anne Krentz and Sandra Brown (another of my favorite authors). I’m not even going to mention all the nonfiction I read.

I have gone through phases where I read a lot of one author or one type of book (i.e. fantasy, espionage, etc) and then I seem to move onto another type of genre for a while. I always seem to keep suspense as my backup though but I will read almost anything else.

What I’ve discovered is that my taste is very eclectic. I just love to read. If the story and/or the message is good, I’m hooked. I thought all readers were like me and read almost anything they could get their hands on but I have learned that isn’t true. There are several readers who do not stray far from the one or two genres or areas of interest they’ve chosen.

Reading is something that is very personal. Everybody reads for different reasons and are looking to get something different out of each story. Which is one of the things that makes reading so exciting. Read to escape. Read for the love of it. Read for knowledge. Just read!

What do you like to read? What do you like to see in a story?

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